Little Bit of Nature & a Bit of Birding

Things Nature and Birds Winter

Views of Nature can be quite impressive at anytime on the Island.

Nature can also be beautiful in something simple.

Where I grew up in Southern Illinois, Eagles have been "discovered"...I don't remember them, but I guess that would be due to the DDT issues and the subsequent drop in the population back then. Now ... at this time of year, eagle spotting is a popular thing to do... thankfully.

 Here, eagles fight over a fish on the ice in the middle of the Illinois River next to Pere Marquette State Park, north of Grafton. Photo by J.B. Forbes,

...lucky to live in another place that nurtures these amazing creatures (Susan Ulm photo). The Washington Island Bird Festival will be focusing on Eagles in this year's event...a post on the Cottage on the Bay Facebook Page highlights the work of the expert who will be presenting.

 Other birds do hang around here in the Winter...amazing that they can stand on the ice...but they do...Here's Cathy Meader's photo of gulls at Northport...I think her comment that little Ugg boots might be nice is a good one....makes me chilled just looking at those bare feet!

Ore Boat... sometimes when out for a hike or a cross country ski trek, we see things  - while not quite of Nature  - such things are quite impressive. ANC Naturalist Steve Waldron captured this ore boat off Boyer's Bluff on the 18th. Wonder if  this was the Paul R. Tregurtha making its last trip down from the Soo. I did see a super video  from the Door County Maritime Museum and posted it as well this week.

O is for Owl ... here's a Hawk Owl - taken by Melody outside of Ellison Bay - on her way back to the Island after the Christmas holiday. It was the first one sighted this season in Door County, I believe. Winter is a time for travel for many Island residents.

From our Island rep, Margaret Young, on location in Texas, "This the the Reddish Egret White Morph when fishing. Its bill color (near the top) will soon be bright pink.  A beautiful and agile creature." Nice to see Margeret is enjoying her stay on South Padre Island....

While this is not a white cedar, it reminds me to mention a great item posted on the ANC Blog yesterday. Photos, art, and copy which pulls it all together...a lovely read on a snowy day.

Yup, small things in Nature can be pretty neat. We just have to take a moment to notice.

Have a great week!