Graduation: endings? beginnings!

The end of the school year means a graduation is coming.Here they are ... all ten of them. There are three events that I can think of in their honor this week.
Baccalaureate on Wednesday at Bethel Church, Awards and Scholarship Program on Thursday at the TPAC, and Graduation on Friday at the Community Center... Everyone is invited.

Excelsior*... "Island Fireworks 2012"... Seems to fit here.

I like this quote...  it also works with "she" and "her". Congratulations to all of you!

Thanks to Nathaniel Perry for allowing me to share these Senior Class photos.


Yoga with Mari Anderson will continue at the Historic Island Dairy beginning this Wednesday...various levels so contact her for further info at 2579...a truly wonderful experience!More flowers - now available at Hansen's ......lilacs are out.So are lily of the valley.

 Dandelions may not exactly be flowers but I do like the way they looked this week at Lyonsisle.

To the Class of 2013:

Have a great week!


* Onward and upward!