June - a time for special events

June is a time for Island celebrations...ferries are christened..buildings are opened...people are honored. As this post falls into place, I realize that the happenings this week also highlight members of the Sunset Resort "Family" although their contributions happened/ are happening beyond the Resort throughout the Island. It is just an example of the connections people have in a small town surrounded by water.Friday Night Ferries are starting to fill up... Fridays on the Island are starting to fill up too! 

The Annual Grilled Whitefish Dinner! This Friday, the 21st...Jay Hagen started this event in the mid 90's and for the past 15 years it has been held in his memory.It's a major fundraiser for the Jackson Harbor Maritime Museum...I sent Lew up to Jackson Harbor to take a photo...or two...He found Jewel Lee and Chuck Grandy painting the fish tug known as the Alex C when her Dad, Rodger Hagen used it to fish these waters. Serving starts at 5:00pm and continues until there is/are no fish left...and that does happen

The Rec turns 25

This photo was taken about the time the Mosling Recreation Center opened; seated front & center: Maxine Engstrom... with her immediate family. That really serious looking guy on the left is her son-in-law, Tim Brown. Tim was the first Manager of "The Rec", a title he coined. Maybe that's why he looked so serious...it was quite a bit of responsibility...working to build the place and getting it going! 

Time does fly and "The Rec" has turned 25...hard to fathom...several other managers have helped to make this place what it is today. In honor of the occasion, there will be another (The opening was fun, too!) celebration this Saturday, June 22 at the Historic Island Dairy - dinner, silent auction, et al. Manager Katie McGrane would love to save a seat for you. Call the Rec for more info!Oh! That picture also shows Janet and Lee Engstrom who continue to welcome guests at Sunset Resort. Lee has volunteered at that Grilled Whitefish Dinner I spoke of earlier at the Maritime Museum since it began. June is a time when Islanders celebrate the Island. It is also a fun time to visit...to appreciate the honors, history, the careful evolution of this place.


Have a great week!

PS  Thanks to Amy Brown Crouse for furnishing the Engstrom/Brown photo. She's that sweet young thing seated next to Grandmother Maxine.