What do we do in Winter? Pygmalion!

Ohhhhh....it was so good!

Well ...  Anna did it...  Eliza was great!*

I admit it....I am an Anna Groupie.* Everyone in the cast put on a great show...if I try to name them all, I will surely miss one.*Oh my... what a wonderful cast!* However, There were a few that were so special to see!

Joyce carried off her part so well... then there was Ham Rutledge...right there in the middle...**

who seemed to be enjoying his role...quite a bit. **His sister, Joan Blair, turned in a commendable performance as well.  Not sure I could remember all their lines let along all that Howard/Henry had to learn.**


I did get one picture at the end of the show...Fun to have the two Gibson actresses memorialized by a third Gibson sister. But another reason I include this photo is the set itself. The production team deserves just as much credit for making Pygmalion such a success!

Let's not forget what goes on backstage.** There were so many people who put forth much effort...in collecting and managing props...creating, collecting and assisting with costumes, etc. (There are no words to cover "etc.")***

... much study occurred to achieve the correct period. For example, the panels in Mrs. Higgin's drawing room were created by using William Morris stencils. Morris was well known for his work in that time period. In fact, his work continues to be available today. Click here for more information.

This was a production by Island Players...that's Players with an "s"...I think that says it all. It would be safe to say over 60 people participated in making Pygmalion a wonderful addition to our Island winter. Many members covered more than one job/part/task...teamwork is what made it happen. Kudos!*

Have a great week!

Photos: Many Thanks to *Steve Waldron & Island Players, ** Joanne Jack, ***Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, England