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The recent snowfall has helped the birds stand out.
This photo by Susan Ulm is positively Christmasy! Island bird lovers gathered yesterday for their part in the Door County annual bird count and I do believe a few finches were sighted.

Who ever thought this little girl......would write a book?

Well, this one just did! That's Island resident Donna Briesemeister.

The book is a collection of short stories based on Donna's 13 years raising sheep when she first came to Washington Island. We all know Donna here on the Island.

Why the name change on the book cover? Well, she explained, "Did you know 'Briesemeister' has 13 letters?" Hard to fit that name in a graphic that would show clearly on a mobile device, according to brother Gary who served as illustrator for the book, released at the end of last month. That leads to the other reason for 'Smith'. This is a brother and sister team effort...enough said.

Here's a vintage photo of ewe Cassie, a favorite of Donna's and Esau, the ram, from Donna's first flock, Cassie's half sibling...Their stories are part of the book.

This is an illustration from Like Sheep, with Cassie and a picture book Donna. It may seem like a children's story but as I read it, I found the intricacies of the sheperd's responsibilities, the personalities of the sheep, and the challenges of doing it all on the Island made for a good read for grown-ups.

For more information, go to the Like-Sheep web site. The book either paperbound or in ebook/Kindle form is available through Amazon.com. My copy just came. Ebooks are great when you need a Christmas gift in a flash...hint...hint.

So, whether you choose to use the remaining days to get the last errands run, get outside or just read a book, remember:Take time to chill, Dude!

Now, I need to go find Lew and get him off that snow blower contraption. Yes, we have had snow...but, I think he just likes to ride around on it


Film @ TPAC - December 21...Love Actually. See the marquee for times.

Winter Fest @ Trinity, December 28 produced by Washington Island Music Festival...believe it starts at 5:00pm with a concert and then dinner, tickets are $15. Call Ham and Chari Rutledge for more information.

. I saw this at Base Camp the other day. Given how far this blog can go, I just thought there might be a filmmaker or two out there with something to enter. The DC Short Film Fest has been going on for some years and is a great mid-winter interrupter coming in February...deadline to enter is December 31st...check the website or call Base Camp in Sister Bay and speak with Joel.

Happy Holidays ...have a great week!

Thanks to Anna Gibson and Kathy Garneau for helping with this post!