Winter Windows

Here's another happening Winterwise...this one closer to home... Looking out one's window is a pastime for me right now. I saw a woodpecker today but the camera wasn't handy....but it started me on a quest...I asked friends for photos which typified their views ...Inside time now...Window with a view - The idea began with this photo. Susan Ulm shared this in December on Facebook and I have been champing at the bit to slip Bosun in. Isn't he sweet? Bosun's name comes from the nautical term "boatswain". So appropriate given a canine's key role in the household.Time to enjoy the view...There is beauty in the simplicity... (Susan Ulm) "Kitchen Window: Mrs. Cardinal Suns" (Susan Ulm)...appreciate the lack of color...It lets my mind calm down a bit.

Dusk...from Jan Wagner...sunsets are great in Winter too and we have time to see them even if they are a little more rapid.Thoreau was right... Oh! Almost forgot another view... through windows on water...during a recent crossing...and this one through a "cubby" on the Richter...That's it, for now!

Traveling Time

Another thing I do in the Winter? Travel! With that in mind, posting will take a break for the next week.


To be continued...

Have a great week!