Winter Doings

A few years ago, the late Jay Hagen presented a talk on behalf of the Island Archives Committee. The topic centered on "What do we do in the Winter"...lots of laughs that night...that was Jay...what he said was so true. (That performance was taped and is available for purchase on DVD through the Archives at the Community Center. I do recommend it.) I get many questions from our Cottage guests on what happens in the Winter so I thought I would do a series on Winter Doings .... last week the dredging and winter travel prep was up.

There are a few activities coming that may make that travel to plan ahead...

Pygmalion - Fishing Derby Weekend -

7 PM ----- Friday, February 15th
2 PM -- Saturday, February 16th
7 PM -- Saturday, February 16th

The members of Island Players are busy as the preparation for the winter show, Pygmalion, moves forward. I think the best part is the preparation given the smiles, titters, and giggles I see/hear around the Island at this point...  

Rich Shereikis wrote a telling interview for a Fall Observer issue:

"The real rewards of putting on a play don’t lie in the performances, according to Dave Ranney, who has directed a number of popular Island Players productions. “I really believe most of the fun of putting on a production are the rehearsals,” he says. “It’s a creative, collaborative process, where we work together to create a work of art.”To enhance his actors’ involvement in that process, Ranney listens to them, communicates with them and encourages them to put their personal stamps on characters and scenes.(Observer 11/15/12)Howard Scott has been cast as Henry Higgens and Anna Gibson has the role of Eliza Dolittle. I can't think of a better duo! Pygmalion is the classic tale of wily Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle and her transformation into a “proper lady” at the hands of the arrogant dialect expert Henry Higgins.In doing research for this post, I found it is the 100th anniversary of this timeless story and companies as near as Chicago and  as far off as England have productions this Winter. Shaw's Pygmalion was also the basis for the popular musical My Fair Lady.The photo above shows Eliza and Professor Higgins from the My Fair Lady company now on stage in Sheffield, England....hmmmm.... Yes, I can see Anna and Howard in these roles.

What do we do in the winter? Well, these folks are having fun ....and working hard.

Have a great week!

Upcoming - January 23 at the TPAC:

Washington Island Schools teacher, Lisa Cornell is scheduled to present seven high school students  who will be performing “Persuasive Speeches” in a public forum January 23, from 6-8 P.M.