Labor Day 2012


I saw this quote as I opened my email on Friday, August 31st and I liked the sentiment ... pacing myself, balancing Life has never been easy for me but then, maybe I am not alone with this battle.... time has flown, the weekend is over, and my post continues to be on my mind but not on "paper".



It was a great weekend starting with a "blue moon" on Friday night. 



The photo above by Jenny Hulsey (her Grandfather's boat moored in West Harbor) was posted by the Washington Island Ferry Line as the Fan Photo for this week. We still have some water, in fact, it went up a bit Monday. The concern I see, in my years  around the water, is that levels tend to go down from now through the Autumn months into the Winter season. This thought was validated as I read Dick Purinton's post on his blog - Ferry Cabin News. To see how the water levels could effect ferry operation, follow this link.

Water, Water...

Alas, the water levels  continue to decrease making it difficult for our Cottage guests to get the canoe out for a spin on Figenschau Bay. After a portage down the beach off our fire pit, the boys were able to launch. Subsequently, on Sunday, a bass was caught by a very pleased young man. 

Good Job!




Planning Ahead .....


The Beacon arrived in our mailbox over the weekend. I want to hold these warm days now September a little longer in my grasp. However, an announcement in Trinity Lutheran Church's monthly newsletter brought me up short and forced me to take action - Harvest Dinner is coming and Marilyn Pinzur has started to take reservations! For those thinking of coming to the Island over Columbus Weekend, Harvest Dinner is an annual event - held on Saturday of that weekend - much like a Thanksgiving Feast. It is a time for folks to come together one more time to before taking off for their winter addresses. People come to close their Island homes that weekend or just to enjoy the Fall Colors. Reservations for the various sittings will be snapped up quickly!


An Unabashed Plug.....


      Art and Nature Center Photo                          Luna Moth Caterpillar  


All Summer long I have so enjoyed the Nature photographs posted by the Washington Island Art and Nature Center on their Facebook Page. My thanks to Steve Waldron, ANC Naturalist, for taking the time to capture such wonderful images and posting them for our delight! Go to the Art and Nature Center Facebook Page to see more.


Take A Breath ...

Now that this update has taken shape, I can continue with the week.  Time thinking about the post and letting it take shape is fun. Producing it is a challenge. 


Have a great week!