Saying Adieu to 2012!

As the New Year comes bustling in...It is fun to remember events from 2012.

Our newspaper is highly significant in Island Life. The year began with an announcement. The Observer had new owners and a new editorial team/structure. Their first issue published February 16.
The folks at the Observer have been most gracious in allowing their identified photos to be shared here throughout the year and for that I am thankful. The photo just below is one of theirs.2012 was a momentous year for an Island landmark. Gibson's West Harbor Resort recovered from a heart stopping fire. The Gibson family spent the Winter refurbishing the Resort. Many members of the community helped. Look close at the next photo, taken the morning after the fire.Love that Blue Crew! Talk about determination!The Resort's reopening occurred over Memorial Day Weekend as planned and the family celebrated the accomplishment with an Open House in August which was pretty special! Thanks to Anna Gibson for the two photos above.Kim West's lovely photo helps me remember some wonderful summer days.These Virginia Glass photos remind me of the reason we are in the "Cottage Business". A child's sense of wonder is so special......happy to see little ones have a chance to be out and about up here.A young man's first fish caught on the Island is a pretty nice thing too! However, to catch a fish, one must have water. This photo, taken by the fisherman pictured above, is from October, 2011. I know I went back a little further than this year but this does give one pause as to how the levels must have looked this October. The water levels will continue to be a point of discussion in the coming year.

This year end review would not be complete without noting the 1st Death's Door Barbeque held at the Airport at the end of August. The turnout from the Island and off Island was terrific. Many, many volunteers helped to pull this off. Good job Chamber of Commerce! Y'all plan ahead and get these dates on your calendars for 2013!

...Well, those are the highlights I remember re 2012...I thought of others but Lew said I was going overboard. Feel free to add your own ideas or memories.
As 2012 comes to a close, thought I would leave you with this thought...saw it at Linger Coffee House in Fish Creek this past year. It speaks to what I wish for you in the coming year... in your your thoughts... at least once in a while...take a breath. Thanks for following my Island Blog this year.

Have a great week!