A Windy...Wavy...Weekend!


 Weekends like this start out beautifully...folks make plans...

*They want to see that Harvest Moon.

 Check out the Fall colors. Take part in some of the events that make this time of year on the Island so special.

**Alas, Mother Nature had another thought. On Friday, the weather took a sudden shift and waves began to build as the afternoon turned to evening...

Would the ferries continue? The weather reports called for 45+ mph gale-force gusts.

***The answer to all of the above seems (to me) to be Yes! To the credit of experienced pilots the ferry schedule was maintained, using the shelter of Plum Island as a shield. Friends, family (even family pets) and Island travelers both new and experienced braved the tumult of the winds out of the West, garnering free car washes as their reward!

***As Saturday dawned, wind weary travelers had earned the right to share their stories and hear similar tales from Island residents as they shopped, ate, and explored the sights. It seems a certain "merit badge" is earned for trips like this and links/connections are made with folks that might not have happened were it not for this adventure ride. Sales were made - perhaps one more Winter coat  or another sweatshirt was purchased.

Walks, talks, and more than a photo or two were taken to cement this weekend in our minds.

Memories were made in these last few days. Whether we hold them in a box, in our hearts, or on a photo chip, the trip over and back will be a strong one this year!

The Fall brings more happenings but that is for next week's post.  

Wherever you are, have a great week!

Photo Credits: * Chris Walker, **Ginni Glass, ***Pam De Vos    Many Thanks!